May. 2nd, 2008

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Hey all...

The storm last night did quite a bit of damage here in KC, though I think our house is okay.  Didn't have time this morning to scout around outside to confirm that, but I can at least confirm that we're still standing and have electricity, etc.  If you would, please leave a note here to let us know you're okay.  If you know of anyone who suffered damage or anyone who is okay but w/o electricity, let us know that too? 
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First off, HB to Roger!

Second off, tomorrow Chris and I will be helping in some manner Trasi's horse group from WH in a parade in KCK.  We're not sure if we'll be carrying banners or just walking alongside the horses and waving, but we'll be garbed up in black under-stuff, and they'll be bringing coats and hats for us to wear.   The parade is for the annual Polski Day Celebration, which I had never heard of, but apparently it's been voted the best street party in KC, so hopefully it'll be WAY fun.  IMO, any celebration that includes pierogies is a good one in my book.  ;)

If any of you will be in KC this weekend and are looking for something fun to do on Saturday afternoon/evening, here's an article with the scoop:

Come out and polka with us!


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