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Last week, I was doing my daily drive-by of woot.com, and what were they selling, but a RoomBa!! Yeah, okay, had to get it. Price was less than I'd pay elsewhere, but still a good chunk of change, but...it's a ROOMBA. It arrived yesterday, and while I won't even TRY to outdo this hilarious Roomba story, I will say that Sasha was very much full of a whatthehell look for the 40 minutes the Roomba spun about the kitchen and hallway. She'd alternate between a curious look and an ohHellno look as it sped toward her.   The cats were nowhere to be seen.

The Roomba did a great job of picking up the puffs of dog and cat hair that like to congregate in secret meetings under the kitchen table and even managed to clean off the feet of the kitchen chairs that usually wear little homemade socks of dog and cat puffs at all times.  I don't think our hallway has ever looked so well-scrubbed, but the kids both hightailed to shut their bedroom doors when they realized the Roomba was about to go exploring amongst all their things.

Our Roomba is the sage green one, it has a little heartbeat that shows when it's charging (how cute), it sings its little "Ready to clean" and "All Done!" tunes just as I'd hoped, and it had no trouble finding its own little base when it was done.  When we set it out to clean for the first time, all four of us kind of hovered over it as if it were a new baby about to take its first steps.  We moved chairs out of its way, and made sure it didn't get stuck under anything until we realized...there's NO STICKING OF THE ROOMBA....

It did, however, decide to drag one of the placemats that the cat food sits on behind it for awhile.  Perhaps it just liked the idea of having a tail.

I think I'm in love.



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